Scandinavian design in furniture

Monday 24 October 2016


Danish design had its golden age in the 1950’ies but in the last decade a flood gate of creativity amongst the Danish designers seems to have opened. Danish interior brands have major success on the global markets and yet again Danish Design is recognised as home to one of the best trends in design.



It all started in the 1920's, when the style inspired from the German Bauhaus school of Crafts and Fine Arts was brought to Denmark by Danish representatives. Staatliches Bauhaus was teaching its students how to bring together all types of arts, including architecture. At the Royal Danish Academy of Art was established a new Furniture School, which had a major role in the development of the industry. Some of the big names that Denmark is proud of are:  

- Arne Jacobsen: creator of the Ant Chair and the Egg Chair, he also designed the buildings which host Århus City Hall and SAS Royal Hotel, one of the most prominent buildings in Copenhagen;
- Poul Henningsen: designer of the famous PH Lamp that every Dane has on top of his kitchen table. Although he never graduated the Architecture School, he had some notable pieces of work such as Glassalen for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen;
- Jørn Utzon: having an architecture education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, his work is recognised at a global scale, being appreciated for works such as the Kuwait National Assembly building and moreover, the famous Sydney Opera House.

danish-design danish-design


Danish design is the best characterised by simple and straight lines combining functionality and a minimalist way of visual expression. The main focus of this trend is emphasising the functionality of the objects by reducing the shapes and styles to the utterly basics. Every unnecessary part is removed, leaving the object with beautiful shapes created by smooth lines. 

At the moment, manufacturers dealing with Danish Design pay more attention to detail and materials, having an improved focus on the users. 


Our own style

Here, at OK Design we design and manufacture simple and poetic furniture in Danish design tradition, combining elegant shapes and silhouettes to create light and clean design pieces. Our main material is metal which we combine with PVC cord, terrazzo and canvas in order to make durable, functional and beautiful objects. We are inspired by our modernist heritage as well as contemporary ideas and aesthetics. 



In a brief... 

A modern trend, a classy look and a minimalistic approach - that's the easiest way to describe Danish design. That's how we create furniture here, at OK Design, trying to get the most out of each piece, by enhancing it's functionalities. Feel free to discover more about our items by browsing them in the 'Products' page.